Edwin Johari

Sales Engineering Spv

Graduated from Akademi Bahasa Asing (ABA) in English major
Drymix since June, 2007 as a Warehouse Administration.
Joined sales in 2009, selling product for housing project.
2011 doing sales for waterproofing product, 2012 doing sales for waterproofing and landscape product.

Why Envii?

“Studying a new product likes waterproofing dan landscape, its likes got a new toys. I feel we have a great team that is like a family. Indonesia is already green, but the public mindset needs to be developed and we need to raise awareness of the products that are available.
It is trending at the moment around the world and has since become a government regulation with green landscapes cropping up across the city. It has now become a sense of prestige as well to be able to afford a green landscape and water solutions for your home.