Envii provides practical and sustainable solutions by combining green and blue innovations to add value to your properties.

Through our diverse range of products and technologies we bring nature to your doorstep.

Established in 2011, we are an Indonesian company with a strong emphasis on collaborations with global partners to create a bigger impact on Indonesia’s urban landscapes.

Our Purpose:
  • To create a more sustainable way of life in urban cities
  • To improve the natural surroundings of our cityscapes
  • To bring in leading global technologies and expertise to support local needs

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our parent company, Drymix, is Indonesia’s pioneer and market leader in dry mortar and premiere building material solutions provider. With 20 years of local expertise providing in quality construction and design building, our experts conduct site surveys and analysis to ensure safety.

Our tried-and-tested products and technologies to solve your building needs also include:
  • Simple and efficient water management systems for your buildings, including premium waterproofing and geomembrane products.
  • Collaboration with nurseries and landscape consultants who are horticultural experts and knowledgeable in pest and disease control.
  • Providing sustainable, eco-friendly and durable geomembrane and urban landscaping products.
  • Supplying design and consultation expertise in environmental planning and multidisciplinary engineering.